Intro to Fusion


November 30
8:15 - 9:15 pm

Flouer Evelyn

A quick look at Fusion Dancing fundamentals. No partner required.

Included in Full Workshop Pass, or can be purchased at the door for our normal $2 drop-in lesson price.

Class will max out at 60 participants, and no admittance after 8:45 pm.

Connection through History

Saturday December 1
10:30 - 12:45 pm


Flouer Evelyn

There are three ways that social dances have developed throughout history.  Living through these “modes” will help us understand how to transition between dance genres and give us a common language to talk about fusion dancing.  We will spend quite a bit of time discussing the different types of connection inside each dance mode, allowing us to recognize the movement languages of more people on the social dance floor.

Includes 15 minute break.

Class will max out at 40 participants, and no admittance after 11 am.

Specificity & Structure in Fusion


December 1

2:45 - 5:00 pm


Flouer Evelyn

What happens when you can do just about anything?  Often times we get lost and forget to execute the simple things that make a dance beautiful: structure and specificity.  Every partner dance genre has a tool that calms and synchronizes the partnership before and after a flurry of creativity.  By narrowing in on these “restart buttons” and building directional specificity we will build beautiful, creative dances full of intentional movement patterns.

Includes 15 minute break.

Class will max out at 40 participants, and no admittance after 3:15 pm.

Solo to Partnering: Smoothing vs Grooving


December 2

12:00 - 3:30 pm


Flouer Evelyn

Striving to create enough contrast to be musical amongst the diverse sounds found on the fusion dance floor can be challenging. Some songs are heavy on the “grooving” with lots of percussion; and others are heavy on the melody, asking you to “smooth” out.  Some songs even switch between one and the other! Learning to create contrast in our partner dancing starts first in our own bodies. Taking inspiration from classical ballet, contemporary, afro-house and blues dance, we'll take the time to follow Flouer in both adagio and chunky movement patterns, then explore how our partnering is affected when we move with our partners in these two contrasting ways.

Includes two 15 minute breaks.

Class will max out at 40 participants, and no admittance after 12:30 pm.

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