Group Classes

We offer lessons on the First and Second Tuesdays and the Last Friday of the month

by a range of instructors from around Chicago, the Midwest, and the country.

Below is a list of some of the concepts we've covered in our lessons. 
We also feature beginning lessons in dance styles such as

Blues, West Cost Swing, and others that focus on how to

incorporate the spirit  and concepts of those dances into Fusion.

Check out our upcoming Events for what's on offer this month.



A style of movement that focuses on a quieter and intentional connection as well as small movements for an intimate dance.



How to trade, or do away with, Lead/Follow roles within a partner dance.​ May also include a look at what it means to Lead and Follow.



What does connection mean? What different ways can you connect? How can you connect with someone with a different dance background?



Even in traditional Lead/Follow ​roles, there's room for both partners to give and take ideas. What are some ways to do that?



​A style of movement that focuses on using the space around you, long lines, and sweeping movement.



How to navigate the social experience of a dance by respecting others, clearly communicating, and practicing safe behavior.

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