Flour Evelyn

Flouer has an extensive, multilayered background in movement practices.  Her experiences range from competing at blues & lindy exchanges, professional ballroom & Latin shows, stage combat, burlesque, and world travel for ice skating and contemporary dance.  She has both her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Dance.

Fascinated by the history of social dances, Flouer often brings context into her classes.  With the belief that most life lessons can be found in partner dance, she strives to help people create connections within themselves, their partners, and the community as a whole.  Currently, she can be found teaching full time around the world and New York City, and running her fusion events Melting Pot & Motley Hue.  



Photo by: Ismael Fernandez

Instructor, New York City

Flouer Evelyn


Brandy Smith lives in Rockford, IL, where she teaches multiple styles of dance and runs her own fusion dance. She's also the Volunteer Coordinator for Windy City Fusion, and a frequent DJ at Windy City Fusion and at Chicago's Bluetopia.

Photo by: Tom DeGroh

DJ, Rockford IL

Brandy Smith


Michelle Powell is a Fusion Dancer, DJ, and teacher from San Francisco, CA, with strong dance roots in Chicago. Michelle has been dancing fusion for almost 3 years, with an initial background in ballroom, aerial dance, blues, tango, and west coast swing. She lived and danced fusion in Chicago for over a year and began her DJ experience in the local fusion community before moving to the Bay Area. Now actively dancing, teaching, and DJing in the San Francisco dance scene, Michelle is excited to come back to this formative community and looks forward to dancing with you all.


Michelle will bring a lot of new music into her DJ sets with particular influence from hip-hop, latin pop, and lyrical ballads. She believes the emotion and mood of the music is deeply important, and always looks to explore the deep and raw side of the human experience through the music she shares.

Photo by: Brad Courtney

DJ, San Francisco CA

Michelle Powell


Chelsea has been DJing in the Ann Arbor fusion scene for over two years. With dance roots in modern swing, lindy hop, blues, and zouk, Chelsea’s musical selections flow between dynamic electro-pop influences, vulnerable acoustic covers, and nuanced micro-focused compositions. Chelsea’s sets are created out of appreciation for a variety of expressions through connection, music, and each night’s unique energy—joining dancers on a journey from high-energy rhythmics and dramatic tension to the most delicate and meltiest of micro connections. 

DJ, Ann Arbor MI

Chelsea Convis

Chicago, IL
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