Community Expectations

  • Be Safe: Engage in behavior that is safe for you, your partner, and those around you. This can be as simple as practicing good floorcraft, but also encompasses things such as only doing dance moves you and your partner are comfortable with and capable of performing safely.

  • Have Fun: We want everyone to enjoy dancing at Windy City Fusion. We encourage our dancers to be friendly with each other, engage with dancers new to our events, and feel free to express themselves. We discourage behavior that negatively impacts another person’s ability to have fun at our events.

  • Dance: This is a no brainer!

We find that most issues in a dance community derive from infractions of these ‘rules.’ If someone is hurt, unsafe behavior has happened. If someone is uncomfortable, they are unable to have fun. We welcome feedback about dancers being unsafe and/or socially inappropriate. The best people to talk to are our organizers, Janea and Kent. If you are unfamiliar with their faces, feel free to ask the volunteer at the front desk, the DJ, or even another dancer. There are also a few other dancers around who may be willing to talk to you about your issues and relay them to Janea and/or Kent on your behalf.


Our approach to addressing issues that arise is to, in most cases, assume good intentions on the part of the transgressor. Our primary goal is to inform and educate those dancers about where and how they crossed lines so that they can correct their behavior. We acknowledge that this may not always be possible, but we have found that many situations can be resolved by effective and sympathetic communication by all parties.

Some useful terms, and how they are used by Windy City Fusion

Consent: permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.

  • By entering WCF, you consent to our policies and expectations.

  • We do NOT assume your consent to dance with everyone in the room, nor to perform all the dance moves your partner may desire. We highly encourage that consent for things such as close embrace or any kind of dip is actively and explicitly sought and acquired with each partner.

  • Consent within a dance may with withdrawn at any time for any reason by either partner. We do hope that if consent is withdrawn, a dancer will communicate why that consent was withdrawn. This helps their partner improve their behavior in the future.

  • Consent to our policies may only be withdrawn by leaving the event. If a dancer has concerns about our policies, they are welcome to speak with Janea and/or Kent about them, inside or outside of an event.

Restorative Justice: a system of justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large.

  • Where appropriate, repeat offenders of community expectations may be required to complete a restorative justice process in order to return to Windy City Fusion’s events. What that restorative justice looks like will depend on the nature and severity of the infractions.

Safe Space: a place or environment in which a person can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm.

  • We feel that the above definition applies to all of Windy City Fusion’s venues and events by nature of ‘Be Safe’ and ‘Have Fun.’ Violations of those expectations inherently violate safe space.

  • Many dance communities around the country have designated areas of their venue as a ‘safe space’ for when the large setting of the dance becomes too much for a dancer, a dancer has a negative encounter, or dancers need a quiet space in which to find calm. These communities often have a designated person who oversees this space. We have chosen to forgo this. Our venue for our open dance has several areas that can be utilized as quiet space if need be, and we encourage open communication with our organizers about issues that arise.

  • Studios 1 - 4 at Dance Center Chicago should only be used by Windy City Fusion dancers with the knowledge and consent of the organizers when privacy is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, these spaces are strictly off limits.

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